UA Sites are fully managed.

You will never have to worry about development, hosting or security updates.


Every website hosted by Campus Web Services is fully supported and guaranteed to be kept up to date with security updates from top to bottom.

Every UA Site is built using the same Quickstart framework as and top college level websites, but with enough restrictions in place to ensure that our robots won't get confused when performing maintenance. This allows us to keep our costs low and ensure that we can scale this service to anyone on campus that needs a website.

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UA Sites include

Continuous Delivery of Quickstart

UA Digital is releasing improvements to Quickstart all the time. UA Sites stay current with regularly scheduled updates.

High-Performance Hosting

Every site has its own container on Pantheon's infrastructure. Take advantage of unrivaled speed and uptime.

Automated Maintenance

UA Sites are optimized for scalability. Since they all have the same codebase, our robots can keep them up-to-date without breaking anything.

Support Team

You have full access to manage all of your own content, but if you need any help there is a dedicated team standing by.

Features and Pricing




Plus - Admin Changes


Plus - Code Changes


Flexible Pages




Directory Pages




Event Pages and Views




News Pages and Views








Arizona Branded




Mobile Responsive




Google Analytics Integration




Search Engine Optimization




Custom Content Types and Views *




Modify Existing Content Types or Views




Enabling Available Modules




Installing Additional Modules




Up to 10,000 Monthly Page Views




Between 10K and 100K Monthly Page Views

+ $720/Year

+ $720/Year

+ $720/Year

Support from Campus Web Services




* Custom/modified content types and views will require a design fee to get set up and depending on the extent of the customizations, may require additional maintenance fees.

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