Hosting Partnerships

Hosting Partnerships

The solution for web development teams wanting to move their Drupal websites to the cloud.

Work with your college

UA Quickstart has been built by the web development community at the university and is freely available for anyone to use and host anywhere. Many colleges provide web hosting resources to groups within their unit. Reach out to the IT Director for your college to find out what kinds of resources are available.

Work with Campus Web Services

Here's what you get when you work with Campus Web Services:

Platform level support from an experienced team.

We are already hosting over 350 campus websites on Pantheon and have extensive team experience with the platform and all of the tools available to make the most of it. We manage custom upstreams, automate our workflows with Terminus, and meet quarterly with Pantheon to review how we are using the platform and what is coming up on the roadmap. We'll help to make sure that you aren't blindsided by platform level changes and will work with you to iron out any kinks in this new environment.

The base of the website pyramid

Diagram showing Quickstart Upstream

Fully maintained Upstream for continuous delivery of Quickstart.

With the Quickstart Upstream, Drupal 9 core is packaged together with the Arizona digital branding assets, and commonly needed components into a desired start-state to use over and over again. Spin up new sites in seconds, with the ability to release improvements to the shared upstream code at scale. No more starting from scratch or needing senior talent to set up a new project, no more headaches over updates. 

Campus Web Services manages this Upstream and typically makes updates available within hours of Arizona Digital tagging a new release of Quickstart.


Get full access to all developer features in Pantheon.

Working within our institutional Edu+ contract with Pantheon gives you access to features such as Multi-dev that are typically only available on Elite level sites. Your permissions will allow you to see all of your sites on a single dashboard and have full code level access to all of your environments. We won't be a bottleneck for any of your development work, but are available if you have any problems or questions about best practices.

gear with wrench

Why Pantheon?

Pantheon's container-based, Drupal-centric hosting platform allows us to centrally manage hundreds of sites quickly, securely and confidently.

High Performance Hosting

Take advantage of Pantheon's containerized cloud infrastructure that is optimized for Drupal websites.

Core Updates via Click or Command Line

All Drupal 7, 8 and 9 websites hosted on Pantheon can deploy core updates with the push of a button. If using Quickstart, even tracking contrib module updates is taken care of.

Confidently deploy updates

Every single site has access to Dev, Test and Live environments. When deploying updates, they can be fully tested in an environment that is identical to the Live environment and includes your latest content. Even when database updates are required, the Global Edge Cache ensures that site visitors never experience any downtime.

Dev   Test   Live

Every site comes with three identical environments and automated workflows to move code and content.

Achieve peace of mind when deploying updates. 


Step 1: Pick your partnership level


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Number of Sites Up to 10 Up to 25 Up to 50
Platform support hours Up to 20 hours Up to 40 hours Up to 60 hours

Step 2: Pick the hosting level for each site


(90% of sites)

Performance - Small

Performance - Medium

Performance - Large

Monthly Visits

Up to 25,000

Up to 25,000
Note: Same as Basic
Up to 50,000 Up to 150,000
Max domains 5 10 15 35
Storage 20 GBs 30 GBs 50GB 100GB
Application Memory Limit 256 MB 256 MB 512 MB 512 MB
HTTPS Included Included Included Included
Edge Cache Included Included Included Included
PHP Workers 4 8 16 24
Redis Object Cache   Yes Yes Yes
Faceted Search   Yes Yes Yes
New Relic Monitoring   Yes Yes Yes

Need a larger site plan? Contact us for pricing. 

Optional: Set up Advanced CDN

Only available to Partners, our Advanced CDN allows us to set custom configuration to handle advanced page caching, custom WAF rules, sub-domain masking, additional domains, redirects at the edge and more.

Pricing is simple and tied to the site plan that the configuration is needed for.




Performance - Small


Performance - Medium


Performance - Large


Custom Rules Supported 1 2 3 4
Origins allowed Up to 2 Up to 3 Up to 4 Up to 5
Varnish Config Snippets Supported Supported Supported Supported
Custom Redirect Dictionary Supported Supported Supported Supported
Sub-domain Masking Supported Supported Supported Supported

Requirements for Partner Program

You must have developers on staff that can maintain all of your sites.