The web board was created to share best practices in both marketing and Technology.

Have a larger project?

Need some customization on your Drupal site?

The Web Board can provide you with solutions that you may have turned to an agency for help with in the past.

If you have a smaller project that doesn't need code customizations, explore UA Sites as an option.

Working with The Web Board

The Campus Web Board is comprised of the directors of departments that represent different sections of the campus org chart and different aspects of the web. They meet bi-weekly with two primary roles:

  • Act as the steering committee to direct campus resources and shared assets towards meeting the web needs of the campus.
  • Act as the steering committee for what goes into Quickstart with a primary focus on Sprint planning and any feature development that requires an Epic.

Phase 1: Content Strategy

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, starting with a content strategy lays a strong foundation.

Content should act as the foundation, not just the shell, of a new website if you really want the site to serve a purpose. If you’re at the point where a website redesign is needed, it’s key to start with a content strategy.

We've established a relationship with the digital marketing agency Casual Astronaut to help with this step in the process. After working with several colleges, departments and centers on new, Quickstart based websites, they have developed a deep understanding of both our university and the tools that we use to build websites. This leads to designs that take full advantage of the flexibility of Quickstart while not promising things that can't be delivered.

Typical Cost: $15,000 - $18,000

Typical Timeline: 3 -4 Months

Phase 2: Site development & Building

Standard (out-of-box) ~ $0 (See UA Sites)

For the delivery of Quickstart sites that are delivered straight out-of-the-box to clients who are confident they have the resources to do all of the content production and organization themselves.

Small ~ $5000

After a Quickstart site has been set up and DNS has been configured, minor changes to the default configuration can be made to meet the client’s requirements. Typical use cases for “Small” sites include: a small collection of webforms for marketing/administrative purposes, a single custom content type and one or two views for that content, and one-page marketing sites targeting specific audiences for a specific product/service that requires no new content type/views, but some custom styling.

Medium ~ $10,000 Most Common

“Medium” sites typically require the importing of content from previous systems and/or customizations to accommodate the legacy content and its metadata. A small number of contributed modules may be needed to meet the client’s requirements, and the display of several custom content types may require custom theming. The site will need to be inspected more thoroughly for accessibility and security issues/vulnerabilities than “Small” sites.

Large ~ $17,500

“Large” sites require modular project management and development that allows designers and developers to work in parallel more effectively. Several new content types and custom modules will need to be developed to work with custom views throughout the site to meet the numerous and/or exotic requirements. There will be many pages within many sections that need building, and there will likely be a variety of presentations required throughout the different sections. Accessibility, security, testing and documentation will be critical to the development of “Large” sites and, therefore, developers will need to collaborate more closely with UITS and MBM to deliver prototypes and finished products in a timely manner.

Further Customizations ~ consult the Web Board

Phase 3: Ongoing hosting, support & maintenance

Your website will be built from the beginning on Campus Web Services' infrastructure using the Quickstart Upstream as its foundation. Once site development is complete, all support and maintenance will be transitioned to the Campus Web Services team for managing the site through the rest of its lifecycle.

All sites will receive:

High-Performance Hosting


Every site has its own container on Pantheon's infrastructure. Take advantage of unrivaled speed and uptime.

Continuous Delivery of Quickstart

UA Digital is releasing updates and improvements to Quickstart on a weekly basis to keep up with best practices. We use a custom upstream to keep your site current with the latest branding, design and accessibility standards.

Hands-on Maintenance

Campus Web Services is involved in the creation of your site from the beginning. We'll understand the purpose and functionality of all your site's customizations and will test each of them during updates.

Support Team


You have full access to manage all of your own content, but if you need any help there is a dedicated team standing by. Any bug fixes can benefit the whole university.



Typical Hosting Costs: $240/Year

(High Traffic Hosting: $960 - $3,840/Year)

Typical Maintenance Costs: $1,200/Year

(More custom or higher priority maintenance: $2,400 - $3,600/Year)