The Child Cognition Lab

University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ

picture of tigger and winnie the pooh

Welcome to the Tigger Child Cognition Lab! Along with our sister lab, the Tweety Language Development Lab, we study cognitive development in infants and young children through a variety of fun activities.

The Tigger Lab’s research aims to discover how infants and young children learn and acquire knowledge. How do infants form categories in their environment? How do infants form and learn patterns across multiple domains, such as music or language? How is learning influenced by sleep? These are just some of the important questions we hope to investigate at the Tigger Lab.

Once we have a better understanding of how infant’s learn and acquire knowledge, we will be able to apply our findings to multiple domains. Understanding these questions will help us develop better techniques to teach young children. Knowing how children learn and develop will also allow us to find better techniques to aid children with special needs.

By signing up for one of our studies, you and your child can be important contributors to these advances!

For more information about our research and findings, please see our publications and our annual newsletter.

For more information about participating in our studies, please see our For Parents section.