The Cognition & Neuroimaging Laboratory

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glossary of technical terms (unix and imaging) and links to other relevant technical information


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The Brain Trust is a community organization that supports our research


meetings, conferences and talks of interest to cnl researchers


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Instructions and Maintenance information for CNL machines


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Information for subjects in our studies and interested volunteers


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Lee Ryan (Director)

Kristina Irwin (Research Support)


Graduate Students (as of Fall 2013):


Elsa Baena--Clinical Psychology, sixth year

Kevin Kawa--Cognition and Neural Systems, sixth year

Joe Cardoza--Cognition and Neural Systems, fourth year

Ariana Stickel--Clinical Psychology, second year

Molly Memel--Clinical Psychology, first year


                                                                                                                            Back Row - Matt Schmitt, Wyatt Arnold, Joe Cardoza, Ariana Stickel, Kristina Irwin.

    Front Row - Katherine Cooke, Molly Memel, Lee Ryan, Kevin Kawa, Elsa Baena, Nageena Khalid

Former Cognition & Neuroimaging Lab members (as of Fall 2011):

Siobhan Hoscheidt: Currently working at Duke University as a post-doc in Kevin LaBar's laboratory (former graduate student in the Cognition and Neural Systems program, graduated Spring 2011)

Katrin Walther: Currently working at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany as a post-doc (former post-doc in the Ryan Lab)

Lingling Pu: Currently working at the UofA doing image analysis (former MatLab programmer and image analyst in the Ryan Lab)

Chun Yu Lin: Currently faculty at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan (former graduate student in the Cognition and Neural Systems program, graduated Fall 2009)

Chrissie Cox: Currently working at New York University as a post-doc (former graduate student in the Cognition and Neural Systems program, graduated Fall 2009)

Devin Duke: Currently a graduate student at the University of Western Ontario (former undergraduate research assistant and Research Technician)

Jenna (Greenleaf) Campbell: Currently seeking a post-doc position (former graduate student in the Neuroscience program, graduated Summer 2009)

Dianne Patterson: Currently working in the Department of Speech and Hearing at the UofA (former manager and computer coordinator)

Barb Bendlin: Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (former graduate student in the Ryan lab in the Cognition and Neural Systems program, graduated Fall 2006)

Scott Hayes: Currently an Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine (former graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Program, graduated 2006)

Jennifer (Johnson) Cox: Currently an Assistant Professor of Neurology at SUNY Buffalo (former graduate student)

David Schnyer: Currently an Associate Professor of Clinical Psych at University of Texas-Austin (former post-doc)