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Maile Hatch (Research Assistant) is currently studying math and philosophy while deviously sneaking her way into computer science. She is a native of Utah and deeply misses having seasons. On a personal note, her favorite political theorist is Machiavelli, she loves swing dancing, and one day she will rule the world. [email][vitae]
Amy Stiles (Research Assistant) Amy graduated in May 1999 with a degree in psychology and has aspirations of attending graduate school in forensic psychology. In her role as a veteran research assistant, she continues to unravel all the complexities of psychological research. Besides her interest in psychology, Amy also enjoys swimming and hiking. [email][vitae]
Alma Durazo(Research Assistant) Psychology major, Latin American studies minor, graduated (5/99) with a BA in psychology from UA. In her almost non-existent spare time she enjoys spending time with her friends, playing guitar, singing, and writing. [email][vitae]
Jose Leon (Research Assistant) Psychology Major, Anthropology Studies Minor, graduated 5/99 with a BA in psychology from UA.  He is working full time in the behavioral health field while preparing to take the GRE.  He is also working on getting the Ritalin project started. [email][vitae]
Laura Moore (Research Assistant) is a senior Psychology major. She is a stunt double for Juliana Margulies of ER (see lab picture to find out why). She has no idea what she wants to do, and no idea what she wants to be. [email][vitae]
Maureen Bantz (Research Assistant) is a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science. A native of the United States, she is the Energizer Bunny center of the group. She keeps running and running and running... [email][vitae]
Murat Dag (Research Assistant) is a sophomore majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology, and minoring most likely in business at the University of Arizona. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey, but has lived in Arizona most of his life. He plans on going on to medical school after graduating, and would love to live in the heart of either California or New York someday. [email][vitae]
Geneva Vasquez (Research Assistant) is an undergraduate majoring in Psychology and Spanish. She was born in El Paso, Texas United States. She plans on traveling extensively in the Latin countries. Graduate school is definitely in her future. [email][vitae]
Matthew Yoshida (Research Assistant) [email]
Lauren Roberts (Research Assistant) is an undergradute majoring in Psychology, minoring in Family Studies. She has two associate degrees, one in nursing and one in merchandising. She is a member of the Choctaw tribe in Oklahoma. She is a single parent, and lives in Bisbee. [email]
Greta Climenhaga (Research Assistant) [email]
Serena Gorgueiro (Research Assistant) is an undergraduate majoring in Psychology, minoring in Criminology. She has an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She was born in Tucson; family is from Argentina. She would like to go to graduate school and get her Masters in Forensic Psychology. [email]

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