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Courtney Baker: She graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in December '98 and is currently residing in the thriving metropolis of Phoenix. After serving as lab coordinator while an undergraduate, she is now beginning a career as a technical recruiter for Motorola. She works mainly in placing software engineers and hopes to someday specialize with the biotechnology group. [email][resume]
Ginger Barker (Research Assistant) Psychology major, history minor, and future May 2000 graduate. She plans on attending graduate school in the not too distant future. She is an Arizona native and plans to stick around for a while. She enjoys spending time with her new husband and their cat Chester. [email] [vitae]
Thomas Brunner: He completed his undergraduate studies at Tulane University, including a one year abroad stint studying philosophy at St. Andrews University, Scotland. Then, he completed both an M.A. and a year of clinical experience (as a teacher/counselor) at the University of Chicago. He has accepted a position at the University of South Florida (Tampa) Clinical Psychology program.  He will enter the program this fall. [email][vitae]
Brady Butterfield: Brady was the Peripheral Center of this group. He was awarded a BA in East Asian studies and a BS in Psychology in the spring of 1998, and started in the psychology Ph.D. program at Columbia University that fall. His current research interests span from physiology on up to metacognition. He was and still is a silly poet. [email]
Daniel Dong: A former RA of ARG, a man who puts others in his shadow through no fault of his own, slavishly working on whatever his professors need done, also a part time mariachi man . . . if you need a mariachi call 294-8918. I do weddings, birthdays, anninversaries, or whatever the occassion may be. [email]
Alma Durazo(Research Assistant) Psychology major, Latin American studies minor, graduated (5/99) with a BA in psychology from UA. In her almost non-existent spare time she enjoys spending time with her friends, playing guitar, singing, and writing. [email][vitae]
Heidi Goldsmith: A former RA who worked with us in 1998 and graduated in May of the same year. She has since married Rex Wright, a bass player in a rock n' roll band. They currently reside in Fort Worth, TX.
Michelle Mobley(Research Assistant) Psychology major, Religious Studies minor.  A native of the United States, her fondest wish is to attend graduate school at Columbia, and to live it up in New York. She enjoys spending time with children and relaxing to classical music.  She also has an emotionally masochistic attachment to her cats. [email] [vitae]
Benjamin Muir: He worked with ARG during the Fall '98 semester. He will graduate in May of '99 at which point he will endeavor to gain acceptance into medical school. His majors are Psychology, of course, and Molecular & Cellular Biology. He has a great deal of interest in personality disorders, and is therefore considering psychiatry as a career. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, mountain biking and building radio-controlled cars. [email]

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